Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Fear is Effective

<<Fear is effective>> as a project, seeks to re-examine the possibilities of writing which are unleashed through a dialogue, as well as to explore its ramifications, or subtexts, through the use of a phrase which functions as the detonation for reflection on the fear within private (the intimate) and public spheres.

<<Fear is effective>> interconnects the causes and consequences of the multitude of actions exerted by distinct hierarchies, from the monopoly of violence and terrorism produced by the State, to the physical and symbolic repression that is exerted over the "Other": that which is considered exotic, in the margins, outside of the norm.

<<Fear is effective>> is the link that takes you to the end and the to the beginning of fear, something which speaks without talking, without restricting its interpretation, and that works towards an active reading by the spectator.

Fear is effective: The Text
We distribute this phrase so that individuals can insert it where necessary.

Fear is effective: The Image
We project it in order to reveal the quotidian architecture of fear.

Fear is effective: The Sound
We say it to reclaim the power relationship from the beginning.

<<Fear is effective>> seeks to create a minimal space, a moment within the reality of the lector/spectator, an instant of doubt or reflection around fear. It forms a micro network - an ant intervention- one which denounces the abuse of fear as a control strategy from the personal realm to the public.


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